Heritage Reimagined

Inspiring, distinctive and teeming with character, Kinley’s unique heritage will come alive in spectacular new ways. Its agricultural history will be retained and reimagined in the sensitively converted former dairy and bacon curing house providing a new destination for community gatherings.

Just up the rise, the soaring industrial architecture of the former quarry-works with their landmark silos and cathedral-like kiln tunnel easily set the tone for farmers’ and makers’ markets, eateries, performances, wine bars, tasting, art exhibitions and cultural events.

There’s nothing like this unique historical destination anywhere else, and the options are limited only by imagination.


Heritage Quarter

The landmark silos of the former Cave Hill Quarry can be spotted from almost every vantage point in Kinley. One of the most important suppliers of marble, limestone and lime in Victoria, materials from Cave Hill helped to construct some of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings.

In addition to the silos, the vast ‘tunnel’ that once housed the huge lime kilns also remains, creating a breathtaking space that’s ideal for exhibitions, markets, musical entertainment, gatherings and the like, with its outlook across Kinley’s centrepiece Escarpment Park.


Bacon & Dairy

Built in 1892, David Mitchell’s Cave Hill Farm dairy first produced butter and then a year later, cheese – both of which were exported to London, often in substantial quantities.

Following his dairy success, Mitchell expanded into bacon-curing and smallgoods production shortly after. This wonderful historic building remains and will be lovingly preserved and enhanced to provide spaces for Lilydale’s growing community.

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